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Founder/CEO - Will Dubin

Will is our founder. He is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur at heart and is an Enterprise Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the 2021 Mayor's Entrepreneur for Tech and a Innovate UK Young Innovator amongst other entrepreneurial accolades. Will has worked on the Tideway Tunnel Super Sewer and the M4 Smart Motorway with Vinci Construction Grands Projets in addition to working on Crossrail and with Etandex, a French specialist sewage contractor. He completed a Master of Civil Engineering at Imperial (with Distinction), where he led the Civil Engineering Society and co-founded the Intercollegiate Engineering Alliance. ManholeMetrics is at the intersection of his interests of civil engineering, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Will says: "Wastewater can be considered an essential service at the very backbone of society, and being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the daily lives of so many is at the very core of why I chose to study civil engineering and what I hope ManholeMetrics will achieve". 

As Founder, Will ensures the smooth running of the company from business development right through to operational management and recruitment. 

CTO - Abdul Moiz

Moiz is our CTO and has vast experience working in multiple software/backend teams in Silicon Valley, USA, including Securiti.Ai, and a range of different projects from ML/IoT voice-controlled cars, multi-cloud services and NLP automation tools. He also has first-hand experience working on wastewater management projects in Pakistan. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) Major with an additional certificate in entrepreneurship and technology (SCET).

Moiz says: “I am excited about the prospect of creative problem solving to create meaningful impact: I find it fulfilling and rewarding to be developing an innovative IoT solution to address flooding, an issue that resonates with me on a personal level

Moiz oversees all technical aspects of ManholeMetrics operations, from digital infrastructure and cybersecurity, to hardware and feature development. 

Hardware Engineer - Tian Fang

Tian is one of our hardware engineers. He brings great depth of expertise in 3D design and simulation as well as machining and PCB design, and has experience working on industry projects at TTP as well as FAC technology. He is also co-founder and manufacturing lead of the Karman Space Program. He is a 4th year Aeronautical Engineering Masters student at Imperial.

Tian says: "The opportunity to work on a project focused on modernising such an important system that our society is dependent on was very intriguing. Especially to me as someone who had only really noticed the wastewater system when it went wrong and the devastating impacts!"

Tian's focus is on the design and production of the device casing and mounting accessories, ensuring our hardware is safe and secure whatever its location, and engaging our manufacturing supply chain. 

Hardware Engineer - Martin Prusa

Martin is one of our hardware engineers at ManholeMetrics. He has a particular expertise in battery and PCB design from successful projects completed during both his work and studies including a 6-month placement with Nordic Semiconductors as an Analogue Engineer and he now works at Cambridge Consultants as an electronics engineer. He holds a Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial.

Martin says: "It's thrilling to implement game-changing technology from cutting edge theory and success from small scale academic projects to a full blown product performing a vital function on a daily basis "

Martin works on our innovative battery technology and our PCB design and manufacture.

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Roger Bailey

Roger is Chief Technical Officer at Tideway, the company delivering the £4.2 Billion Thames Tideway Tunnel “Super Sewer” project running through the heart of London. He has over 40 years of experience within the civil engineering sector and is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He has previously spent 10 years in transportation consultancy (highways, rail, aviation) engaging with clients such as Crossrail, Network Rail, TfL, National Highways and the Department for Transport, preceded by 20 years in the geotechnical contracting sector in the UK and overseas.

Roger's team at Tideway is responsible for technical oversight, property and commercial agreements as well as system commissioning and the operational integration of the project into the existing London sewer network, working closely with Thames Water.

Roger lends to ManholeMetrics a deep understanding of both the wastewater and infrastructure industries, in addition to the workings of large agencies within the public sector.

Roger says "Sensing technology and associated analytics have an important role to play in alleviating wastewater flooding. Digital transformation, digital twins and data are key priorities for the wastewater sector, and there is significant appetite for the offerings of ManholeMetrics which have great potential for positive impact on the industry, environment and society".

Roger advises the team on their corporate strategy with a focus on customers and product-market fit.

Mark Lane

Mark Lane has been involved in the water sector for around 28 years. He was a partner for 25 years at international law firm Pinsent Masons where, in 1995, he established the firm's Water Group , which he led until he retired as a partner from the firm in 2013. In this role he led the negotiation, drafting and execution of major project agreements for water, wastewater and desalination projects in many countries throughout the world.

Mark has additionally served as Chairman of British Water, and as Master of City Livery Company,  Worshipful Company of Water Conservators. He was a founding Director of UK Water Partnership, which was formed following the publication of a report written by 26 water experts and chaired by Mark entitled: Tapping the Potential - A Fresh Vision for the UK Water Technology Industry.

Mark is a passionate advocate of watertech, and in 2003, he founded Wet Networks, a platform in "Dragons Den" format held three times a year to bridge the gap between tech start-ups, potential customers, and funders. The ongoing platform recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and is now led by Arup.

Currently, Mark is director of his own water consultancy firm, Mark Lane Water Consultancy, specialising in supporting early-stage businesses in the sector.

Mark says " I am delighted to be able to offer support to Manhole Metrics. With the growing effects of climate change being felt throughout the world, the flood warning sensor technology and analytics offered by Manhole Metrics has never been more timely, and addresses a major need in the current market. "

Mark offers Manhole Metrics strategic and commercial advice.

Simon Blakey

Simon is a veteran of startup investment, having spent the past 20 years as an angel, and splits his time between chairing the investment committee at Playfair Capital, the board of Cambridge angels, the investment committee of the UK Government's angel co-fund and managing Avonmore Developments. 

Avonmore Developments, co-founded by Simon, provides pre-seed and seed equity capital for UK B2B and deep-tech start-ups with high growth potential and counts over 20 companies in its portfolio, and following the sale of logistics firm Bybox, were awarded 2017 Angel Exit of the Year by the British Business Angels Association. Avonmore Developments participated in ManholeMetrics' pre-seed round in March 2023.

Simon says "I am really excited to work with this company on what is a huge market opportunity"

Simon uses his wealth of experience to guide ManholeMetrics on their overall direction from company operations, commercial positioning and investment strategy. 

Josh Valman

Josh Valman is the CEO of RPDK, an innovative product business with a global reach. They design, develop and manufacture products for companies who seek to take advantage of innovative ideas, cutting-edge processes, and international markets. Clients include the likes of Vodafone, Google, Bosch, Accenture and Unilever as well as numerous hardware start-ups. In 2023, Josh sold his business RPD to Kinara International, where he now continues to run, newly named, RPDK as part of the global manufacturing group.

Josh says ""With a growing AI layer to the world, ManholeMetrics are providing the sensor layer that will change how industries work. It’s an exciting problem with the right team in place to solve it.”"

Josh supports the team with a particular focus on product development, certification and supply chain.

Marco Datola

Marco is an IoT professional, with expertise both in Architecture and Technical Product Ownership. Having worked both for Vodafone Business IoT and for IoT Startups, he has demonstrable experience of successful delivery in various industry verticals (including 5G Low Latency Edge Applications delivered to major UK airports)

He leverages on strong leadership and communications proficiency when defining solution designs, development activities and overall product strategy. He is currently a senior product owner at Relayr

Marco helps guide ManholeMetrics on their technical and product strategy.