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Founder/CEO - Will Dubin

Will is our founder. He is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur at heart and is an Enterprise Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and the 2021 Mayor's Entrepreneur for tech amongst other entrepreneurial accolades. Will has worked on the Tideway Tunnel Super Sewer and the M4 Smart Motorway with Vinci Construction Grands Projets in addition to working on Crossrail and with Etandex, a French specialist sewage contractor. He completed a Master of Civil Engineering at Imperial (with Distinction), where he led the Civil Engineering Society and co-founded the IEA. ManholeMetrics is at the intersection of his interests of civil engineering, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Will says: "Wastewater can be considered an essential service at the very backbone of society, and being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the daily lives of so many is at the very core of why I chose to study civil engineering and what I hope ManholeMetrics will achieve".

As Founder, Will ensures the smooth running of the company from business development right through to recruitment.

CTO - Max Wickham

Max is our Technical Director and has extensive experience in both back-end development as well as hardware engineering with experience working at ARM, Goldex and GraphCore. Max is a 4th Year Electronics and Information Engineering Student at Imperial.

Max says "I take real pride in knowing that the tech we are deploying will make a genuine difference to so many who are affected by flooding. Having full visibility over the hardware and software products is a dream and I can't wait to see the tech in action shortly!"

As Technical Director, Max is responsible for successful delivery of ManholeMetrics products, leading the technical team on all items from hardware, firmware and APIs through to analytics and dashboards.

Hardware Engineer - Martin Prusa

Martin is one of our hardware engineers at ManholeMetrics. He has a particular expertise in battery and PCB design from successful projects completed during both his work and studies including a 6-month placement Nordic Semiconductors as an Analog Engineer. He is a 4th Year Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student at Imperial.

Martin says: "It's thrilling to implement game-changing technology from cutting edge theory and success from small scale academic projects to a full blown product performing a vital function on a daily basis "

Martin works on our revolutionary battery technology and our PCB design and manufacture.

Hardware Engineer - Tian Fang

Tian is one of our hardware engineers. He brings great depth of expertise in 3D design and simulation as well as machining and PCB design, and has experience working on industry projects at TTP. He is also co-founder and manufacturing lead of the Karman Space Program. He is a 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student at Imperial.

Tian says: "The opportunity to work on a project focused on modernising such an important system that our society is dependent on was very intriguing. Especially to me as someone who had only really noticed the wastewater system when it went wrong and the devastating impacts!"

Tian's focus is on designing and prototyping the housing to keep the ManholeMetrics hardware safe and secure whatever its location, and engaging our manufacturing supply chain.

Software Engineer - Yijun Lin

Yijun is working as a software engineer with a focus on front-end development. She has extensive industrial experience working on a variety of projects ranging from small websites to large-scale web applications at EEDA and Accenture. She was part of the winning team of ICHack 2022 where they built a sign language translation add-on for the Webex platform using image recognition and data modelling. Currently she is a 3rd year Joint Maths and Computing student at Imperial.

Yijun says: "I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on the project that is going to make a substantial real-world impact and am very eager to apply and develop my skills to ensure successfully delivery."

Yijun is responsible for designing and building responsive and intuitive user interfaces and features.

Data Engineer - Kenton Kwok

Kenton is our Machine Learning Engineer at Manhole Metrics. He has experience applying artificial intelligence to tackle industry problems in medical imaging and time series analysis at TTP. He previously led the Imperial College Data Science Society and is now volunteering as the Head of Talent Development. Kenton is a 4th year Physics student at Imperial.

Kenton says: "I am thrilled to be tackling an interdisciplinary problem at the intersection of civil engineering, data and environmental physics. It is my goal to leverage data to produce actionable insights and to create a tangible impact on the world."

Kenton is responsible for implementing computer vision and machine learning to enable delivery of our analytics services.

Data Analyst - Max Ruggeri

Max is our data analyst. He has worked as a Graduate Engineer at the Project Centre where he designed and modelled Sustainable Drainage Systems having first gained experience modelling water systems at Imperial when developing the CityWat Model as part of the CAMELLIA Project in conjunction with Thames Water, the UK's largest water utility. In addition to his part-time role at ManholeMetrics, Max works as an analyst at energy and commodities company Vitol. Max holds a Master's Degree from Imperial in Environmental Engineering and additionally holds an Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Science.

Max says: "Joining ManholeMetrics presents an opportunity to apply my first-hand experience to make a real impact on a fast-paced startup making waves in the industry".

Max works on the development of our wastewater modelling tools and dashboards for our analytics services.

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Technical Advisor - Marco Datola

Marco is an IoT professional, with expertise both in Architecture and Technical Product Ownership. Having worked both for Vodafone Business IoT and for IoT Startups, he has demonstrable experience of successful delivery in various industry verticals (including 5G Low Latency Edge Applications delivered to major UK airports)

He leverages on strong leadership and communications proficiency when defining solution designs, development activities and overall product strategy. He is currently a senior product owner at Relayr.

Marco helps guide ManholeMetrics on their technical and product strategy.

Innovation Advisor - Kate Lowes

Kate has more than 25 years' experience leading in executive and technical roles in the UK, Europe and Silicon Valley. She has worked with and in blue-chip corporations, and with more than 300 micro and mid-sized SMEs in the high-tech, digital and communications industries.

Kate has expertise in supporting science, academic, innovation and technical-based businesses. As an experienced executive and academic industry liaison advisor, she has held positions in many universities and worked extensively with ideation, innovation conception and business growth organisations. She has successfully guided more than 20 products from concept stage through commercial release.

She has managed commercialisation programmes, innovation processes and client engagement across UK and international client bases. Kate's experience lies in defining, designing, architecting, managing and building teams with highly scalable, novel and innovative solutions.

Kate helps ensure ManholeMetrics has the right processes, targets, team and strategy in place to successfully deliver and scale the business.