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Yorkshire Water
Field Trials

Thames Water + Lanes Customer Solution Centre 


ManholeMetrics heads to AWWA ACE24 - June 2024

Ramsay Veitch joins the team as Full-stack Engineer - May 2024

ManholeMetrics heads to IFAT Munich -  May 2024

Founder Will presents to utilities at Isle Utilities TAG group on early stage water tech - May 2024

ManholeMetrics receives Innovate UK Global Explorers Grant - April 2024

Founder Will presents at Plug and Play Smart Cities Conference - March 2024

ManholeMetrics heads to World Water Tech Conference  -  Feburary 2024

Mark Lane joins ManholeMetrics as an advisor -  December 2023

Roger Bailey, CTO of Tideway, joins ManholeMetrics as an advisor - November 2023

Founder Will presents at Wet Networks 20th Anniversary Event at Arup HQ - November 2023

Josh Valman, CEO of RPDK, joins ManholeMetrics as an advisor - November 2023

Simon Blakey joins ManholeMetrics as an advisor - September 2023

Abdul Moiz joins the team as our CTO - June 2023

ManholeMetrics accepted onto LNER Future Lab 4.0 accelerator to explore the rail market - May 2023

ManholeMetrics deploys sensors for field trials with Yorkshire Water - April 2023

Job vacancy opens for Summer internship/placement developer role - April 2023

ManholeMetrics closes £300k pre-seed round with Ascension + angels including Simon Blakey - April 2023

ManholeMetrics awarded £50k research grant with Cranfield University - March 2023

ManholeMetrics heads to WorldWaterTech Conference - February 2023

ManholeMetrics + Founder Will receive Innovate UK award - January 2023

Yijun Lin joins the team as our new software engineer - December 2022

Field trials confirmed with Anglian Water - December 2022

Text trademark granted by IPO to ManholeMetrics - November

Field trials underway with sensors on Imperial's South Kensington Campus - November

Recruitment begins for Front-End developer - November 2022

Imperial publishes news story featuring ManholeMetrics  - October 2022

ManholeMetrics attends Institute of Water Annual Conference - October 2022

ManholeMetrics obtains support from Ordnance Survey and Geovation - September 2022

Text trademark published in IPO journal - September 2022 

Kenton Kwok joins the team as Data Engineer - September 2022

Applications closed for Data Engineer role + interview process underway - August 2022

Ride along with sensor installer Environmontel and Southern Water - August 2022

Key UK wastewater stats released on website - August 2022

Featured in Lanes Group article - August 2022

Partnership established with installer Enviromontel - August 2022

Field trials confirmed with Thames Water + Yorkshire Water - August 2022

Founder Will recognised as an Imperial Presidential Address Awardee for work with ManholeMetrics - August 2022

Recruitment begins for ML Data Engineer - August 2022

Patent process kicked off with GJE - July 2022

Founder Will wins Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship - June 2022

ManholeMetrics wins Get It Made's Under 30s Manufacturing Grant - June 2022

Founder Will speaks at City Hall for Mayor's Entrepreneur - May 2022

Visit to Thames Water + Lanes Customer Solution Centre - April 2022

 Ride along with Thames Water + Lanes Group blockage clearing team - March 2022

Founder Will speaks at Advanced Hackspace Symposium - March 2022

Partnership established with Olivia Wireless (+ Vodafone) for telecoms - February 2022

Max Ruggeri joins as Data Analyst - February 2022

Successful testing completed at Tideway - January 2022

Saeed Chavoshi joins as Data Analyst - January 2022

Tian Fang joins as Hardware Engineer - January 2022

Marco Datola (IoT expert) joins as Technical Advisor - January 2022

Logo receives official trademark from the Intellectual Property Office  - January 2022

ManholeMetrics is now supported by Yorkshire Water - December 2021

Martin Prusa joins as Hardware Engineer - November 2021

Max Wickham joins as Technical Director - November 2021

Founder Will presents at the SWIG Sensor Sprint - November 2021

Founder Will presents at the Thames Water Innovation Forum - November 2021 

ManholeMetrics opens its first job posting - September 2021

ManholeMetrics applies for trademark on logo - September 2021

ManholeMetrics becomes supported by the National Composites Centre - September 2021

ManholeMetrics receives authorisation for its first test site - August 2021

Kate Lowes (Ex IBM Project Manager and sensors expert) joins as an advisor - July 2021

ManholeMetrics successfully incorporates - July 2021

ManholeMetrics features in Imperial news story - June 2021

ManholeMetrics wins the Mayors Entrepreneur Award - June 2021

ManholeMetrics receives endorsement from Thames Water - June 2021


Presenting at LNER Future Labs 4.0

ERA Foundation Fellowship Award

Mayor's Entrepreneur Panel

Advanced Hackspace Symposium

Workshop with the National Composites Centre

Thames Water + Lanes Group Ride Along

Thames Water Innovation Forum

Testing at Tideway

Presenting at Wet Networks