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Visit to Thames Water + Lanes Customer Solution Centre - April 2022

Ride along with Thames Water + Lanes Group blockage clearing team - March 2022

Founder Will speaks at Advanced Hackspace Symposium - March 2022

Partnership established with Olivia Wireless (+ Vodafone) for telecoms - February 2022

Max Ruggeri joins as Data Analyst - February 2022

Successful testing completed at Tideway - January 2022

Tian Fang joins as Hardware Engineer - January 2022

Marco Datola joins as Technical Advisor - January 2022

Logo receives official trademark from the Intellectual Property Office - January 2022

ManholeMetrics is now supported by Yorkshire Water - December 2021

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Thames Water Network Engineer - James Clarkson: "This is a gamechanger for the wastewater industry"
Lanes Group Planning Maintenance Lead - Keira Richards: "This has huge potential for planned maintenance - better visibility and streamlined work flows"

Thames Water + Lanes Customer Solution Centre Visit

Successful Testing on Tideway

Ride Along with
Thames Water + Lanes

Thames Water Innovation Forum

More About Us

Meet the Founder
Will is a 4th Year Civil Engineering Student at Imperial and is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur at heart with the 2021 Mayor's Entrepreneur award for tech, Undergraduate of the Year Engineering & Construction Finalist and Runner-up 2020 Telegraph STEM Innovation Award under his belt. ManholeMetrics is at the intersection of his interests of civil engineering, entrepreneurialism and innovative technology. Will says: "Wastewater can be considered an essential service at the very backbone of society, and being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the daily lives of so many is at the very core of why I chose to study civil engineering and what I hope ManholeMetrics will achieve".

Endorsed by Thames Water
Thames Water is the UK's largest water and wastewater utility with 15 million customers, comprising 27% of the UK's population, treating 4.7 billion litres of wastewater per day. See the letter of interest here from Thames Water's Director of Wastewater Networks, Matt Rimmer, endorsing ManholeMetrics.

Supported by Yorkshire Water
Yorkshire Water is another of the UK's largest water and wastewater utilities with 5 million customers, treating 1 billion litres of wastewater per day with 52,315km of sewer and 650 treatment works. There are 2 million manholes in their network!

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